Granwax Environmental

Eco-friendly Commitment

Granwax is committed to developing eco-friendly products for the future and minimising the impact its production has on the environment.

We are continually looking at more efficient and effective ways of manufacturing, packaging and recycling, both in our own raw material consumption and in the finished product.

The company continues to move forward in all areas of environmental and safety management with a series of improvements building on the gains of previous years namely:

  1. All Granwax floor polish and coating products have been Phthalate free since 1997.
  2. All new Granwax coating products produced since 1997 have been based on renewable resources such as linseed or castor oils.
  3. Water-based equivalent (or superior) performance coatings have been developed for most applications to give specifiers and contractors the option of safe, environmentally friendly products.
  4. All cleaning products are based on materials meeting the EU biodegradability standards as laid out in the Detergents Directive 2005.
  5. Wherever possible colours and perfumes are removed from cleaning products to reduce their environmental impact and potential for allergic reaction.
  6. All Granwax specialist timber and Granwood floor seals, whether solvent or water based, meet or exceed the VOC provisions of EU directive 2004/42/EC for their relevant class.
  7. All Granwax water-based single pack coatings and the resin components of the two pack products are free of hazardous solvents, such as NMP's, both to the environment and users.
  8. The total amount of solvents used by Granwax has been drastically cut over recent years and we are committed to continuing in this for the future.
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