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Like any other sports flooring regular cleaning and maintenance of Granwood and Gransprung floors is essential in keeping the floor in top condition. Build up of body fats or dust and dirt on the floor will seriously degrade its appearance, performance and life expectancy. Loss of performance usually shows as a loss of traction which results in an increased risk of slips and falls. In today�s litigious culture anyone with the responsibility for looking after a sports floor cannot afford to have the performance of their floor compromised. Only by following the recommended cleaning and maintenance regime and using the correct products can you be certain that the floor is performing at its best.

Granwax Products Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Granwood Flooring Ltd and is the only company whose products are endorsed by Granwood Flooring for the care and maintenance of Granwood and Gransprung floors. The products detailed in the recommended cleaning and maintenance data sheets that were provided with your floor have been specifically designed to enable your floor to perform at its optimum. The products have also been developed with a view to keeping the costs of care and maintenance under control in the long term. The use of Granwax products gives you the peace of mind that you have done everything possible to keep the performance of your floor at its best.

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