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Taking care of your timber floor

If cared for properly your timber floor will retain it's good looks for many years and be easier and less costly to keep in top condition than vinyl or other floor coverings that will eventually need replacing.

However you should be aware that your floor can sustain damage from a number of sources. The foremost of these is dirt and grit. This not only looks unsightly but its abrasiveness can damage the floor finish or the timber itself. The use of Granwax Dirt Control Matting in entrance areas will help minimise this risk.

Tables, chairs and other furniture may also damage the floor. With these items it is not so much the weight that causes the damage, but dragging movements across the floor. Fitting furniture with suitable 'Safeglides' Felt protectors will reduce the damage to the floor surface.

Strong light, particularly direct sunlight can cause wood to change colour. To avoid a patchy effect move rugs and mats occasionally and use curtains or blinds to protect the floor from direct sunlight.

If you have just had your floor refinished then it is important that the finish is allowed to fully cure and harden before you place any type of floorcovering, eg. rugs, mats, on the floor. These can prevent the covered areas from curing at the same rate as the uncovered areas and may result in an uneven finish and may even leave marks on the floor finish. If you are unsure how long is required consult your contractor or Granwax Products for the curing time for the finish used on your floor.

The following maintenance procedure is designed to ensure that the beauty of your wooden floor and the quality of your contractor's workmanship is maintained for as long as possible, thus avoiding unnecessary deterioration of the finish and, ultimately the wood itself.

Should it prove desirable, a "custom made" maintenance plan can be created for your floor. Please contact our office or your local representative.

The following recommended procedures are for wooden floors sealed with water-based finishes or traditional seals only. For hardwaxed or oiled floors, Ezee Hardwaxed Floor Maintainer should be used for general cleaning and Ezee Maintenance Oil used as a periodic refresher coat when necessary. Please contact us for further information if you are unsure of the maintenance procedure for this type of floor coating.

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