Recommended Maintenance of Granwood and Gransprung Flooring

Re-finishing Your Granwood or Gransprung Sports Floor

Recommended Maintenance of Granwood and Gransprung flooring in sports halls, gymnasia and general activity areas

Daily Maintenance

Sweep with 'V' mopsweepers or push-mops dampened with a 1:4 solution of Sportsclean to collect dirt and other abrasive materials. The use of sweeping compounds should be avoided.

Weekly Maintenance

It is strongly recommended that Granwood and Gransprung floors be maintained with automatic scrubber/dryers using Sportsclean or Low Foam Swift. Follow the dilution rates, as recommended on the container, at all times. Should a 'conventional' system be used for regular cleaning i.e. mop, bucket, rotary machine etc., it is suggested that a 'workable' area is mopped down with cleaning solution, scrubbed with the machine and then wet-vacuumed dry. Do not allow cleaning solution to remain on the surface for an excessive amount of time before removal (i.e. no longer than 15-20 minutes). Sportsclean should be used for the regular cleaning of a sports hall floor, helping to maintain good surface traction.

Low Foam Swift should be used for particularly dirty floors or cleaning operations following functions at which outdoor shoes have been worn. Undiluted it should be used for 'spot-cleaning' stubborn marks, such as scuff marks from outdoor shoes.

Please note: In the case of Gransprung installations great care must be taken to ensure water or cleaning solutions are not allowed to penetrate beneath the surface. It is therefore recommended that when you use a scrubber/dryer or conventional cleaning system, scrubbing is only carried out up to a border of approximately 30cm from the edge of the floor. This 'border' may then be damp mopped, thereby avoiding the risk of possible damage to the floor by water penetration.


It is recommended that provision be made for the installation of appropriate dirt control matting in the entranceways, which will ensure the prevention of as much grit and other abrasive materials as possible being deposited on the floor.

Please note: The recommendations are for guidance only and the cleaning programme should be influenced by the type and intensity of floor usage.

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